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Badge tab for Rainbow, Brownie and Guide leaders

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A leader badge tab is part of a leader’s uniform.

The badge tab is used to display the metal badges such as their promise badge and other badges they have earned.

Each tab has a different coloured strip at the top, representing the section the badge tab is for e.g.

Rainbow Leader – Light Blue

Brownie Leader – Yellow

Guide Leader – Dark Blue

The number of badges you display on your badge tab is down to what you think is sensible. There is not a fixed number, though 5 may be seen as sufficient e.g.

  • Promise badge
  • qualifications and awards, including DofE (adult members may wear the highest award that they achieved as a young member, such as the Queen’s Guide Award)
  • long service badge
  • County/Country badge
  • Role specific badges (Trainer, Commissioner)
  • World Badge
  • Current celebratory/commemorative badge (eg Big Brownie Birthday, Diamond Jubilee) – these badges should be removed from the badge tab after the period that they are celebrating/commemorating
  • Challenges – some cross-sectional challenges are also open to adults and have a metal pin (such as Changing The World).

For more details about leader uniforms including badge tabs go HERE.

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Rainbow Leader, Brownie Leader, Guide Leader, Rangers Leader, Trefoil


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